The Story

This is a story about a fearless politician and his devoted followers. With an army of young people hoping for change, he uses mimes, pencils, flashmobs and superhero costumes to attack the corruption and violence in Colombia. A young woman falls in love with the movement, but to change a society penetrated by illegality, turns out to be much more difficult than she ever anticipated.

What this means for Colombia

For two generations we have been bombarded with stories about the evils of Colombia. The image has been one of drug lords, guerrilla groups, paramilitaries, and corrupted politicians that rule over citizens and society. If you are from Colombia, you probably want to share a positive story of change. Share this other face of Colombia, the one of hard working people, who tirelessly struggle for a real democracy..

What this means for the world

If you are from any other country, you probably want this story to inspire your own politicians and prove that a peaceful change is possible, without corruption and violence.

Our goal is to open up the debate about morals and politics, not just in Colombia, but everywhere.

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"Trust everywhere, life is much better if we can trust in everybody around us"

Antanas Mockus


If you care about politics, you may have a dream that societies can become truly democratic. That politicians are honest; that politics can be fair. But then, you may be considered a hopeless dreamer. Or not?


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Katherine keeps on working, even when nobody is watching. Keep track of her and the others. Antanas is at home, but is always reformulating new ways to improve the way we think of politics.


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Danny Glover
Joslyn Barnes
Waël Kabbani
Rory Gilmartin

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